Client Advisors

Client Advisors

How We Work With Client Advisors

The foundation is the most fundamental component of anything built to last.

With Precision Wealth Strategies, developing a sound financial plan is no exception. While we don’t offer legal expertise, draft documents or prepare tax returns, we can help with the coordination of information, estate planning and all the preparation necessary to ensure every minute spent between every client and advisor is maximized for efficiency.

At Precision Wealth Strategies, we help client advisors come up with philosophy and estate planning considerations.

We also can assist with life organization such as cash flow and spending.


  • Offer legal advice or draft documents
  • Prepare Tax Returns or gift filing

Coordination of Information: 

Make sure the client is prepared to meet and everyone is on the same page.

Time Efficiency:

Make your client’s time with their advisor more efficient with pre-meeting conversations. We also will draft a process to prepare clients to meet with advisors more efficiently while allowing you to see the plan for you to get a big picture.

About Precision Wealth Strategies

Many of our clients choose to work with PWS after interacting with Darin Robinson. However, he works alongside a large network of trained and licensed financial professionals as well.

We start by walking you through the planning process and then creating your turnkey formula for success.

PWS serves clients in five states, including Missouri, Texas, Colorado, Arizona and Florida.

If you live in our service area and would like to hire a team of professionals that are dedicated to helping you build wealth, contact us or schedule a meeting today.